"A film by Ori Kowarsky: Various Positions"
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In this briskly-paced romantic drama, college student Josh is on track for law school and a place at his father's firm. As his Orthodox Jewish family prepares for their traditional Passover celebrations, Josh hits a brick wall in the form of the alluring and troubled - and not quite Jewish - Cheryth.

As things heat up at the dorm and at home, Josh is suddenly questioning his faith, his father and his future. Even worse, Josh is caught in the middle as his father moves to cover up a scandal involving the Jewish cemetery, forcing Josh to take a stand for what he believes is right.

Passion and new love collide with family values and the demands of tradition as Josh, Cheryth, and Josh's family find themselves questioning their lives. Love and loyalty look a lot different when examined from various positions.

Josh's roller-coaster relationship with Cheryth mirrors the vertigo he experiences as his father crosses a moral line. As we unsentimentally explore a world of faith and duty we follow Josh's life as it suddenly fills with ecstatic highs and crushing lows. In the end, Josh has followed a road of his own choosing and it leads to a future of his own making.

VARIOUS POSITIONS explores stresses and conflicts that are both unique to one family and universal to everyone who has ever had to struggle with questions of identity.


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